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Individual Analytic Performance Reports: 5 Games

Individual Analytic Performance Reports: 5 Games



Product Description

Let us complete one the true keys to accelerated development, an Individual Analytic Performance Report.The report completed via video, tracks ALL known statistical details of a players game-time performance. Through the individual analytic performance report we’re able to gain knowledge of the components of a player’s game and are able to specifically catalog what works, what doesn’t and what a players strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies are.

Player analytic performance reports can be a key component to accelerated development. Individual statistical tendencies can then be shared with their coaching staff to allow for better integration within team coaching strategy. Furthermore, understanding a player’s productivity in relation to winning highlights his strengths and weaknesses as they move to higher levels of hockey.

The information we obtain allows you to develop in the most efficient and productive way. The Analytics obtained are also of high value to coaches, scouts, and professional hockey programs, as they do not have the resources to learn a potential player’s tendencies.

Game-Time Statistics Tracked

  • Average shifts per period
  • Average seconds per shift
  • Average shots per period
  • Average locations of a shot on net
  • Average locations on the ice per shot
  • Average shot per shift
  • Average scoring chance per Shot
  • Average scoring chance per Shift
  • Average scoring chance per period
  • Average location on the ice per scoring chance
  • Percentage of style (wrist,snap, slap, back) shot, per shots taken
  • Average Goal per shift/shot/period/style of shot/location
  • Average number of faceoffs taken
  • Average number of faceoffs won and lost
  • Average hand a faceoff is won on
  • Average number of passes (touches)
  • Average hits per period/Game
  • Average dumps period/Game
  • Average turnovers period/Game